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Providing consultancy services for executives, senior leaders, trustees and governors

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Executive coaching/mentoring for executive/senior leaders at all levels. This can be bespoke to suit the unique needs of the individual or organisation.


Facilitation of high quality CPD for individuals, teams and boards of governors/trustees.  Programmes can be bespoke to fit the needs of the organisation and can be delivered as one-off events or as part of a calendared series


External evaluations of documentation, policy and practice; conducting appraisal reviews to assist trustees/governors with their performance management of executive and senior leaders; bespoke advice to Boards re strategy e.g. MAT growth



Before establishing Tim McCarthy Education, Tim worked for 40 years in the education profession, with 20 of those years holding various senior and executive leadership positions.  He is keen to pass on his acquired knowledge and expertise to help other executive and/or senior leaders in schools or MATs. Tim's career has seen him hold a wide range of leadership positions, including being the:
⦁    Headteacher of a local authority High school
⦁    Founding Principal of one of the country's first 50 academies

⦁    Principal of a 3-18 International School in Dubai
⦁    Cluster Manager of a group of schools in Abu Dhabi and Co-Founder of two schools in India
⦁    Founding Chief Executive Officer of a cross-phase, Multi Academy Trust that operated in 4 LA areas
⦁    Co-Founder and Chair of a network alliance of 30 CEOs of MATs 

Tim is:
⦁    An experienced executive leader with a proven track record of establishing and running successful organisations, including in areas of high deprivation & challenge
⦁    One of the UK’s longest-serving CEOs with experience of leading schools spanning all phases, from EYFS/Foundation Stage to KS5; Tim has also led the start up of two free schools (an all-through 4-16 school and a 2-11 primary school)
⦁    An executive coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator for Board Members, Trustees, Governors, Headteachers and School Senior Leaders
⦁    A system leader who is able to establish and develop positive relationships with a wide range of strategic partners, including Government Ministers, MPs, DFE, RSC, ESFA and Local Authorities
⦁    A peer mentor to other CEOs (appointed by National Schools Commissioner, Dominic Herrington)
⦁    An adviser on policy and practice to schools and other MATs
⦁    A trainer who has led national CPD programmes on Leadership, Governance, Finance and Resource Management
⦁    An experienced, motivational speaker and presenter

Tim is available for bespoke one-off projects or for ongoing short, medium or long term consultancy


“I was lucky enough to be introduced to Tim who offered to mentor me through my first year in post as the CEO of a multi academy trust.  Tim provided high quality coaching, backed by a wealth of experience and knowledge which helped me refine my vision and provided a sounding board for discussion of new ideas and initiatives. I have heard Tim speak at many conferences and he is truly inspirational, someone who has made a huge difference, not just to children's lives but the lives of teachers and educators across the UK and beyond.”

David  Meades

CEO - Dover Federation of the Arts Multi-Academy Trust

"Tim is an astute school leader who has extensive experience of leading groups of schools in this country and abroad. He is highly personable with an excellent memory for names and detail which helps both staff and clients to warm to him quickly. It inspires loyalty and commitment from his team as a result. Tim's rapid grasp of key quality indicators, linked with a strong understanding of the importance of high-quality teaching and learning in classrooms, quickly enables him to focus on the priorities that will help a school or Trust to improve. A nimble mind ensures that he keeps abreast of all current educational developments and initiatives."

John Peckham

School Improvement UK Ltd. (former Headteacher & HMI)

"Tim was the inspirational headteacher of a high school maintained by the council of which I was chief executive. He was brilliant at motivating the students, many of whom did not come from a background of high aspirations. He also proved skilful at steering the school through to academy status, navigating the shark-infested waters occupied by councillors and academy trustees. In fact, he achieved the rare distinction of being retained as principal under the new regime when the school changed status. A man who knows what really matters, but who wears his wisdom lightly."

"Tim is an experienced educator with quality experience in all aspects of school management. He is an expert in curriculum design, professional standards, and educator evaluation. Tim is a team player and an excellent communicator. He has excellent writing skills and is a very relational and caring man."

John Schultz CBE

Local Government and Healthcare Adviser. Former CEO of Stockport MBC

Conley Hathorn

Professor of Education, Louisiana State University USA


For a preliminary discussion about your needs and the service(s) Tim might provide for you:

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